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    Boudoir - on a day like today, no other words would do...

    R.I.P ?-2012 - Realismo é o único tecido de condução que não esgarça.

    I. Antes:




    III. Porque...


    True, I'd give my right arm
    To keep you safe from harm
    And, true, for you I'd move to Ecuador
    And I'd keep a little farm
    Chop wood to keep you warm
    But I don't really love you anymore

    I don't have to love you now if I don't wish to
    I won't see you anyhow if that's an issue

    Because I am a gentleman
    Think of me as just your fan
    Who remembers every dress you ever wore

    Just the bad comedian
    Your new boyfriend's better than—
    'Cause I don't really love you anymore

    There'll be some day when your eyes do not enthrall me
    I'll be numb, I realize you'll never call me

    'Cause I've read your horoscope
    And now I've given up all hope
    So I don't really love you anymore...

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